4 Foods to Avoid if You Need to Lose Visceral Fat


The nutritionist lists foods that contribute to the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, which is the most dangerous type

Visceral fat is a specific type of fat, which is stored in the chest region between the internal organs. When in excess, it is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even some types of cancer.

Visceral fat is more common in obese or overweight people, but it can also be present in the body of lean individuals, when they have the famous “beer belly”.

There are several causes for this type of fat, but diet and lifestyle play an important role in the formation and accumulation of visceral fat.

“Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats promote an increase in blood sugar and lipids, which leads to the development of low-grade chronic systemic inflammation and imbalance of intestinal bacteria. fats”, warns nutritionist Talita Machado.

Check out the list of foods to avoid to lose visceral fat:

Refined Carbohydrates

White bread, pasta and rice are examples of refined carbohydrates that contribute to visceral fat. Excessive consumption of these foods can lead to lipogenesis, which corresponds to the storage of fat in the body.

Talyta recommends limiting your intake of bread, cake, and especially cookies. She also recommends that food prioritize fruits and pasta and wholemeal flour. “The ideal is to change your eating habits and look for more natural and less processed foods”, she recommends.

Processed Meat

Consumption of processed meat is associated with the development of chronic hyperglycemia, which are high blood sugar levels. This type of food has also been linked to increased body mass and intestinal inflammation.

“Avoid hot dogs, especially bacon, sausage, ham, turkey breast and ready-made hamburgers. Consume less frequently. Try to make homemade hamburgers, without chemical additives”, suggests the nutritionist.

Fried Foods

Eating fried foods leads to inflammation of the intestines and liver. Steaming or baking foods are healthy alternatives.

“Electric fryers are a good option for reducing oil, but they can still form compounds that are harmful to health. Avoid frying food, always change the way you prepare it and be aware of products that contain oil in their composition”, suggests Talyta.

Ice cream

Although delicious, ice cream is very harmful to health. Foods are high in saturated fats and sugars, ingredients that feed negative bacteria in the gut and make them more susceptible to fat accumulation.

Talyta thinks that the ideal, in this case, is to replace ice cream with simpler preparations, such as fruit smoothies with yogurt or açaí without banana syrup.

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