Benefits of Neutering your pet


Sterilizing your loins or michi is an act of love and responsibility towards them. These are the reasons.

Pets are becoming more and more important in our family circle and deserve respect and better care to provide them with an excellent quality of life, part of which is neutering. In addition to the health benefits for our dogs and cats, neutering helps reduce overpopulation, as Mexico ranks first in pet abandonment.

However, currently there are still taboos about this surgical procedure in pets, for example they tend to gain weight or develop problems because they have not reproduced, which is far from being the case.

Ariely Buenrostro, veterinarian specializing in animal husbandry and spokesperson for the Diamond brand, explains the benefits of sterilizing pets.

Mainly increases the life expectancy of our pets. In the case of women, they will have a longer and healthier life, as they help prevent uterine infections and breast cancer. The ideal is to do this before the first heat.

They will no longer have a period of heat, as in the case of cats, they usually go into heat four or five days every three weeks during the breeding season. This leads them to meow to get the male’s attention and to urinate frequently around the house.

In case of males, unwanted offspring will be avoided and testicular cancer will be prevented. Surgery is recommended before six months of age, as neutered males are the best behaved.

In general, dogs and cats that are operated on focus more on their human family and avoid problems with aggression and marking territory with strong-smelling urine.

In addition to being economical in terms of raising and caring for the puppies, it is excellent for society, as stray animals are a real problem in our country and we are going to work to reduce environmental pollution, as the garbage that no one collects is left out in the open air. and goes directly into the atmosphere.

In Mexico City alone, it is estimated that there are approximately 1,200,000 dogs living on the streets, generating this risk to public health, as well as the transmission of diseases.

If you’ve convinced yourself to have your pet neutered, remember these important points before bringing him in for the procedure:

  • It follows that your sirloin or michi stretches from 8 to 12 hours
  • Your pre-fasting diet is bland
  • Lack of treatment or illness
  • Age must not be less than 4 months and not more than 8 years
  • Its weight is not less than 1 kilo 600 grams
  • Not vaccinated and/or dewormed in the 15 days prior to the intervention
  • Clean, but not showered on the day of the intervention

In conclusion, not sterilizing our pets can aggravate diseases such as breast, ovarian and vaginal tumors, pyometra (inflammation of the uterus), hyperestrogenism in the case of females and perineal hernia, and testicular and perianal tumors in the case of males.

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