Cat Lovers: Celebrities Love Cats


Cats have a unique appeal and have amassed a following that has made them huge celebrities.

Cats are exciting creatures and in the world of “cat lovers”, the love they show is exponential, and their presence in the lives of some celebrities has taken on prominent roles.

Although the devotion to cats can be seen in ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, where domestication techniques were developed, as well as expressions of their culture and personalities found in their majestic temples and pyramids.

Although the origin of this feast from the famous cat. “Socks” was the cat of Bill Clinton, President of the United States.

Bill Clinton and the “Sox”

The cat appeared on several occasions at special White House events, so Michie’s presence on several occasions was covered by the media, however, it was during her death on February 20, 2009, which is why cat lovers were left so excited. Use this date to commemorate your cats.

Socks was so important that it even had its own website and received a large amount of mail from all over the United States.

Karl Lagerfeld and “Chopette”

The famous designer who commissioned the Chanel relaunch has always been a cat lover. The “Caesar” of fashion showed his deep love for cats with “Choupette”, this cat was with the elegant designer until his death, who is believed to have inherited over $180 million after Lagerfeld’s death, to become the richest cat in the world, an amount that will not end even during your nine life.

Kate Perry and “Katy Bury”

The Californian singer announced in 2020 that her kitten, Kitty Puri, had died. The cat who has been with the translator of “Quente e Frio” for 15 years and who even participated in one of the most successful videos and songs such as “I kissed a girl”

In addition to this post, Purry was the inspiration for two of Perry’s fragrances: Purr and Meow.

Ed Sheeran and “Callibo” and “Dorito”

The British singer has a strong connection with his cats, the duo is known as “Callibo and Dorito”, and the devotion is such that they created an Instagram account with more than 200,000 followers.

But this is not limited to the exclusive account of his pets, also in his personal account, Ed Sheeran demonstrates the devotion he feels for the michis.

Daniel Alves and “Chacho”

Although the Brazilian footballer is from Pumas and Barcelona, ​​he is going through a difficult time due to the legal situation he faces in Spain, he also has a taste for cats and he showed it on his Instagram account.

They got together on several occasions.

Taylor Swift, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button

Taylor Swift is an avowed “cat lover”. On a few occasions, she has revealed her love for her cats, following a very ill-fated question about whether she would come home after dating a man, to which she bluntly replied “I’m going out with my friends and then I’m going home with my cats”.

on their Reputation album. or me! Two cats appear, one of which he adopts and she is part of his life.

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