Daniela d’Arcourt premieres “I Don’t Love You Anymore”, a song produced by a former member of Grupo Niche


The song will be part of “Catarsis”, the new album that the salsa singer will present live on April 22 at the Anfiteatro Parque de la Exposición.

Peruvian singer Daniela d’Arcourt performed her single Ya no te amo, produced by Oscar Lozano, known in the salsa industry as Olio, who was a pianist and director of Grupo Niche.

This is the first preview of Catarsis, the new album by the national compilation. The song is accompanied by a music video recorded in Punta Sal under the direction of Ojos Suárez and is available on the singer’s YouTube channel.

The premiere date of Catarsis is set for April 20, the day that coincides with Daniela d’Arcourt’s birthday. Likewise, the album will be presented live with a great show that will take place on April 22 at the Anfiteatro Parque de la Exposición.

“Beautiful family! I’m so excited. Less and less to be with you. With all my team we have been working to bring you a show full of music, emotions and lots of love. It’s time for ‘Catarsis’. I want to be with you now and I promise it will be an unforgettable night.”

Daniela d’Arcourt at the 2023 Grammy Awards: “I was very emotional”
Upon receiving Tito Nieves’ invitation to the 2023 Grammys, Daniela d’Arcourt admitted to being “very excited”. “Besides the fact that she was there, she was going with it,” she said, referring to the salsa teacher who has supported her for some time in her career, so much so that she recognizes him as an artistic father. “He deserves everything that can be given to him,” she told RPP Notícias.

During her visit to the most important party in the music industry, the Peruvian singer stated that she got to see “many artists that you already know” and got “two interviews”. But most of all, she noted, she gave up the “experience, the strangeness, the rarity and the magic” that was in the ceremony. “It’s all together in one really fun place,” he said.

As for whether he will continue to perform with the translator “Ajmal Hob”, Darcourt expects to repeat the experience he had in the United States last year, when they went on tour in different cities. “We are closing many things. He tells little by little. As I show my things, he shows me. The holes he has are pretty cool”, he said.

Right now, the salsa ship is focused on releasing their new album. Does it include collaborations with other artists? “Yes, but I’ll tell you,” he concluded with a laugh.

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