Karol G Announces Her Temporary departure from the Theater, what is the reason for this decision?


The Colombian singer’s announcement left her followers stunned; And the fact is that a week ago “Bichota” released its long-awaited album “Mañana ser bonito”.

Karol G announced that he is temporarily stepping away from the stage to dedicate himself to musical studies. The singer made this decision after releasing the album “Mañana ser bonito”, with which she broke the record for copies on digital platforms.

“This year I won’t be on stage much because I decided to take a ‘break’ to be able to study and develop myself in other aspects. I want to study because making music for myself on tour has driven me a lot…” , he said in an interview with Rádio Xa do Mexico.

The decision was complicated for her, but what she is looking for with this temporary retirement is to be able to grow as an artist and investigate other areas of music, mainly those that allow her to be involved in the entire process of producing her songs.

“I’m learning how to record myself, learning how to produce more, learning how to develop myself in so many aspects of my life, before I get used to having someone else do it for me,” she explained.

The Colombian singer added: “I have a large number of undiscovered talents that I want to develop and, perhaps, if I do that, I can offer better products to my fans.”

Karol G celebrates his new album as the best debut by a Latin artist

Karol G also celebrated that his album “Mañana ser bonito” broke the record for the best debut of a “Latin album”, with more than 32 million views on Spotify, which he considers to be “making history” with him.

“After the months, the time invested, the love and the efforts that this album, LAS ILLUSIONES Y LOS SUEÑOS, was definitely very beautiful”, said the Colombian in a message on her Instagram account.

On Friday, February 24, the famous “Bichota” released her fourth album, showing her “more intimate” side and collaborating with Shakira, Angel Dior, Bad Gill, Carla Morrison, Justin Quelz, Maldi, Quevedo and Romeo Santos. , Sean Paul and Sych.

It’s the best album by a Hispanic artist in Spotify history and the second best debut in YouTube history, according to estimates.

“It’s not just about the numbers…the numbers show me the incredible love they have for this business and together we are making history!” “Makinon” and “Tusa”, said the translator, who thanked her, “means the whole world”.

The Colombian’s new work contains 17 songs, including hits like “Cairo” with Ovy on drums. “X If We’re Back”, with Romeo Santos; “Gatúbela” featuring Maldy and “Provenza”, which have already been released as singles in recent months.

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