Kazuo Praises Belinda and Highlights her Talent: “She is an Incredible Artist and I Respect her a Lot”.


The Argentine singer revealed that she listens to Belinda’s songs and sends a message to the haters who compare her. “I appreciate your art,” said Christian Nodal’s partner.

Christian Nodal had a strained relationship with Belinda and it ended in February 2022. After a marriage proposal and many disagreements, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

However, it was the Mexican who gave love another chance and started a romance with Cazzu. After confirming the romance, his fans compared and attacked the two singers, even claiming that the Argentine did everything not to feel overshadowed by his colleague.

To put an end to these speculations, Cazzu first spoke about this situation and highlighted Belinda’s talent, in addition to declaring himself a fan.

“A lot of these things are loaded with so much rancor. I don’t know who compares me. I don’t know, I think people like to be compared, but I don’t feel that compared to her or maybe I’m just not paying attention to things, really”, he told People en Español.

“[Belinda] is an incredible artist and has had a much longer and bigger career than mine. I grew up listening to her music and I have a lot of respect for her. I love the music she recorded with Los Ángeles Azules and many [others] about her demography; that people can think and say many things, but I really appreciate your art and respect you a lot.

This is how Cazzu puts an end to any conflict with Belinda and admits that he is at his best with Christian Nodal: “He is very friendly, like someone who is very supportive, and listens to you”.

Belinda ruled out looking for a new relationship

Focused on your career. Actress and singer Belinda has confirmed that, for now, she is not looking for a romantic relationship, after announcing her separation from Mexican regional music singer Cristian Nodal last February.

From Spain, where she has been producing for streaming platforms, the artist told ‘Ventaneando’ that she didn’t want to know anything about dating. “A friend is not currently allowed, this topic is off-limits at the moment,” he said.

Similarly, Belinda stated that the fact that she is “holding a hottie by the arm” does not “mean there is something”. Being away from Mexico and single is no reason for her to feel alone, as she is in the company of her friends and her pet. He added: “At the moment I am very calm and I want to have friends. I focus on my career and my work and this is my priority.”

And about the difficult phase that went through due to the end of the love relationship with Christian Nodal, the singer of “Sabito” said that they are “complicated moments” that have already been overcome. “Now I can say that I’m doing very well (…) It doesn’t mean that it was easy, because not everything is happiness… It took a lot of work, suffering, pain and that’s life…”, he said.

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