Passion Does not Exceed Three Years


The phase where the other person is perfect has a scientifically completed period.

I don’t want to spoil your February 14th, but there are things you need to know that your crush may be over or about to be over. The falling in love phase lasts three years, and this has a chemical and scientific explanation that you are going to discover now.

Dr. Stephanie Ortig, a neuropsychiatrist and author of the article titled “I Love You With All My Mind,” created a love brain map using information collected over a 10-year period, to reveal which brain regions are activated during falling in love , revealing the presence of 12 regions in the human brain that are activated in this phase.

The period of the first three years stands out as the hormone levels in the body are maintained during this period. After this period, you start to stop idealizing the other person, accepting them with their flaws and virtues, that’s how you can talk about love.

Among the discoveries that Dr. Orteig points out, it is clear that the brains of men and women do not behave in the same way when experiencing love and that love and hate are stimulated in the same brain regions.

“It is important to feel appreciated and valued, as well as enjoying being in love and trying to share with our partner a healthy routine that encourages physical and mental well-being, such as playing sports or doing some fun activity that we enjoy together”, said Gabriela Camara Caceres, Honorary President of Voz Pro Salud Mental CDMX.

Couples who spend the most time together are those who care for each other, avoid pretense, and firmly express and communicate their concerns and needs.

Not butterflies in the stomach

At another time, researchers found out more about this because they scanned the brains of people in love and found high levels of dopamine, systemic neurotransmitters that make people feel happy, as well as boosting energy and attachment. Obsession with the other person.

While it’s known as “butterflies in your stomach” in The Chemistry of Love, it’s actually heart-pounding. The pressure and contractions of the abdominal muscular system (peristalsis) are altered, as well as other effects on the body such as euphoria, loss of appetite, insomnia and pupil dilation.

The sensations start in our brain when we fall in love, they usually enter through our senses, through a look, through physical attraction, through a smile, through gestures, even smells; conversation comes later, and mutual likes and interests create a bond. a series of sensations that can be a pleasant or bad experience in long-term love, ”added Câmara Cáceres.

Among the chemical substances involved in this process are phenylethylamine (a natural amphetamine that generates a state of excitement and pleasant sensations), as well as norepinephrine and dopamine (responsible for good mood) and oxytocin (a neuromodulator that accelerates the heart and regulates social, emotional functioning, sexual and parietal behaviors). So while the chemistry takes place in the brain, it manifests itself in the stomach and heart.

Voz Pro Saúde Mental CDMX offers support groups and psychological education courses for family members and users with mental diagnosis problems.

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