Second “Sexy Salsa Festival”: Meet the international and national artists that make up the poster


The event will take place on Saturday, March 4, starting at 3 pm at the Explanada del Parque de la Exposicion.

The second edition of the “Festival de Salsa Sensual” will bring together great artists of the musical genre on Saturday, March 4, at the Explanada del Parque de la Exposición. Appointments will start at 3 pm and tickets are available on the Teleticket platform.

Willy Gonzalez, Ray Sepulveda, Viti Ruiz, Roberto Blades, Paquito Acosta, Oscar Quesada, Hermanos Moreno, Alex Matos, David Papon, Tony Vega, Nino Zegarra, Hildamaro and Johnny Rivera make up the poster for the event.

“We have taken all the necessary measures so that the public can enjoy it as it should, and the so-called boxes will be properly located in their respective spaces, so that the public can comfortably see all the artists mentioned on the billboard,” Tropimusic, the company responsible for organizing the event show.

National salseros are present

The second “Festival de Salsa Sensual” will not lack Peruvian representatives either. Artists such as Orquesta Bembe, Brunella Torpoco, Álvaro Rod, JP Chamaco, Willie Rivera and Antonio Cartagena also participate in the theater.

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