Study found that red light Therapy helps treat Erectile Dysfunction


The study was done in rodents, but the researchers considered the results promising for the development of new treatments.

A new study, published in the International Journal of Men’s Health, suggests that red light therapy may be an option for resolving erectile dysfunction in men.

To conduct the study, researchers at Nagoya City University in Japan injected a synthetic chemical compound called NORD-1 into the genitals of mice with erectile dysfunction. The substance is only activated when exposed to red light and releases nitric oxide.

After using the compound, the mice were exposed to 60-second bursts of red light. After four weeks, they already had a significant improvement in the frequency and duration of erections. This is because the compound helps to dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the sexual organ.

Furthermore, the researchers also showed that erections improved even in rodents with nerve damage in the area, similar to what happens in men who have had their prostates removed due to cancer.

According to the scientists, the experiment raised expectations that a similar treatment could be used to treat cases of erectile dysfunction.

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