The Department of Interior


The Department of Interior

The Department of Interior is a branch of the United States federal government. Its headquarters is located at 1849 C Street NW in Washington, D.C. Its primary mission is to protect and promote the nation’s natural resources. The department is also a major player in international affairs. The department is responsible for a variety of other government agencies and programs.

The Department of Interior manages one out of every five acres of public land in the United States. This vast tract of land provides opportunities for wildlife protection, recreation, and resource development. The Department is responsible for the conservation of water and energy, and it maintains many of the country’s national parks and wildlife refuges. In addition, it protects endangered species, preserves natural habitats, and honors the special responsibilities of American Indians.

The Department of Interior is seeking to increase the number of youth who are engaged in federal land management programs. Its mission includes building the next generation of land managers, wildlife biologists, tribal experts, park rangers, scientists, and other professionals. The next generation of talent will be needed to maintain public lands and the economy.

The Interior Department is a highly decentralized organization with significant local staff and volunteer contributions. Its nine bureaus and offices employ approximately 70,000 employees and 280,000 volunteers. It is committed to improving workforce management capabilities and reducing its labor and environmental footprint.

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