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The women in my family have always been strong. Sometimes, as children and grandchildren, we think of our mothers and grandmothers as happy and satisfied. Instead, what many of us don’t really realize is that what we see as a contented person is actually a woman who was content with home life because she had no other choice.

When I, as a woman, began to analyze this, I began to pay attention to the words of my mother and the older women in my family: “Your grandmother did not want to get married. She wanted to be free. He even cut all his hair off in protest!”

How many dreams cannot be expressed? How many of them pray for wings every day so they can fly and explore the world? How many of them want to be seen as individuals with thoughts, opinions and ideas of their own?

Throughout history, millions of women have lived and died their secret dreams. I am the first woman in my family who was born with wings that fly as they imagined when they closed their eyes. When I was chosen for this journey, I realized that this life no longer belonged just to me. When I strive for more, I carry with me in my heart, mind and soul all the hopes of women who weren’t allowed to see beyond the confines of their own home.

Two experiences have basically moved me since my spaceflight. The first took place in Morelos. I was meeting people who had come to find out that I was giving a talk to college students when an elderly lady approached me. He took my hand without saying a word and I could catch his gaze through his tears. “We can live our lives.” I told her, shaking my head and wiping away the tears. We hugged and in that moment I felt like she could see an exact copy of herself in me.

The second was in Tlaxcala. After a nice dinner organized by the university I visited, it was time to head back to the hotel. At that moment, my mother said to me: “Have you seen the older woman in the blue astronaut uniform like you?” I was surprised to hear these words. I’ve seen children and young people dressed as astronauts throughout my career, but I’ve never seen an older woman. I asked them to find her, please. As soon as I saw her, I couldn’t hold back the tears. He couldn’t explain what he was feeling, but he knew he needed to hold her. Thanks to her, I realized that we must welcome the older generations into the future of women.

To these women I would like to say a few words. I see them. I fight for you. It’s never too early or too late to have dreams. love them. Dream and fly.

About the author: Ever since she was a child, Katya Eccazarita has shown a keen interest in mathematics, physics, and the universe. Having participated in five NASA missions, today she is the first woman born in Mexico to travel to space. Additionally, he received an honorary doctorate for his humanitarian contributions to society and technology.

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