Unmissable for Art Week 2023


On days when Mexico City is full of new artistic proposals, you must have a very strategic agenda.

Mexico City Art Week is the largest gathering of art fairs in all of Latin America, so options for visiting, seeing and acquiring new, established and emerging artists will be the order of the day this weekend.

In Life and Style we spoke with Andrea Bustillos, art historian, graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, as former director of the Karen Huber Gallery, curator and director of contemporary art, she was close to the thriving artistic ecosystem of Mexico and that this week, you can see part of its most popular proposal.Link.

From the 9th to the 12th of February, the art show is presented at Zona Maco, Salón Acme, Feria Material and BADA, which means going through many square meters of galleries, to take advantage of them, you must choose the corresponding times and distances.

“Zona Maco is a great experience for the number of shows it offers, although there are some exhibitions not to be missed in the 2023 edition, one of which is by Karen Hubert, who presents the work of Miguel Ángel Rios, an artist from the north of Argentina, which has some audiovisual proposals that it presented years ago, but is now presenting its paintings, which it did during a period of sanitary isolation, which was very emotional. A great commitment from Karen Huppert, who supports artists like Rios, who is 79 years old and has a long career”, commented the specialist in contemporary art.

Bustillos noted, “Fernando Palma Rodriguez is an artist from the House of Gaga who has fought hard for an interest in cultural legacy, in his case, the Nahuatl language.” Context of Palma As part of a project implemented in Milpa Alta, the CDMX seeks to recover the power of this mother tongue, to carry out literary and poetry workshops.

“The interesting thing is that he is a mechatronics engineer who mixes indigenous heritage with technology, which is interesting because he is one of the Mexicans who participated in the last edition of the Venice Biennale”, he added, referring to one of the proposals that can be seen in the Macao Zone.

Other recommendations include Paralel, a gallery located in Oaxaca that will be based at Seminar 12 in a house located in the historic center of the Mexican capital. The gallerist added: “It is worth visiting this place because it is one of the oldest inhabited houses in Mexico, and there will be presented the works of Naomí Rincón Gallardo, which are a reference of what Mexican art represents today”.

Deboráh Delmar is one more nominee for this season of art fairs that will be at the Materials Gallery.

Andrea Postelos added: “Deborah Delmar has not exhibited in Mexico for some time and her style is a critique of aesthetics or unified ways of perceiving art. Before she presented a proposal called the Delmar Corporation, he questioned all these ways in which art becomes homogeneous”, added Andrea Bustelos.

The Lodos Gallery is also one of those things that brings interesting things, in Bustillos’ view. “Ludos is a gallery that has been working for years and what they are presenting with Bernice Olmedo is a great proposal that will be in the material”, she said.

While there are large galleries that show and promote hundreds of artists, the city’s galleries also encourage this flow of people and collectors to other more traditional artist venues. “There is a Galería Deli in the Roma neighborhood that, although it has operations in New York, is promoting the talents it has in Mexico, such as: Nico Chaput, Duo Asma, Astrid Terrazas, Bayo Álvaro, Javier Barrios, they will also do great works” .

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