Vinicius Junior: “The insults continue and so does the dancing”


Vinicius responded on social media to the unfortunate insults he received during the Real Madrid v Osasuna game.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian Vinicius Junior is still the victim of insults. This time it happened during the game between Osasuna and Real Madrid (0-2), after hearing shouts like “Vinicius son of a…” and “Vinicius dies”, and some insults, he said: “Continue”. “Also” does “dance”.

Vienne wrote on social media: “The insults continue … but so does the dancing … See you in Liverpool! Madrid!”

Some of the dances that he performs in goal celebrations and that the striker defends despite the criticism that they classify as disrespectful, like the ones he received in some football stadiums with insults to him.

Vinícius Junior’s tweet

Thibaut Courtois condemned Vinicius’ insults

The Belgian Thibaut Courtois, goalkeeper of Real Madrid, described as “unfortunate” the attitude of the supporters who attended the Al-Saddar stadium, who insulted the Brazilian colleague Vinicius Junior, with shouts like “Viniciusjr, son of…” and “Viniciusjr”. death.”

He said: “There’s a minute of silence and there are those who say ‘son…’ and it’s a shame. Sing Viniciusjr dies, it’s a shame. There are lovely fans, but without talking nonsense”, he said. on DAZN.

“Vinney played a good game, too bad he didn’t score. You have to look at people, not Vinicius. You see the kids with their parents combing that and it’s a shame. You have to look at others. Of course Vinny it might get warm, but he’s out there.” “More,” he continued.

In addition, he commented on how he saw the confrontation between the Brazilian Vinicius Junior and Moy Gomez, at the end of the first half, which ended with a yellow card for both.

“I don’t think anything happened. They collided, one step away from ‘Vienna’, he went to press and he didn’t touch, he fell… I don’t think they were facing each other, because the referee has finished talking”, estimated.

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