Why Do You Watch Anime? – Pros And Cons Of Watching


There is no end to anime. This is the most interesting fact about anime, there is always something to watch. Even though you have watched so many, I am telling you there are thousands of new anime. If you want to experience more anime, you can check Animesuge.

Anime History

The birth of anime was in 1900. Since then, Japan’s film industry has evolved a lot more, and people from all over the world have been enjoying it. You can enjoy their culture and traditions by watching them.

Right now, the animation techniques are different from the early days. This is because most of the work in the early days was so different. There are a few techniques used for making animations. These techniques are paper cut-outs, painting directly, chalkboard drawings, and others.


There is no such difference between animation and anime. What the rest of the world call animation, the Japanese call anime. Most anime is computer-generated and hand-drawn animations. But you will find a few differences between the work of Japan and the rest of the world. There is an application.


Some of the famous and excellent animes that you should definitely watch if you are new to this industry. You can download the Animefrenzy app on your android phone to watch anime.

  • Naruto Shippuden
  • DragonBall Z
  • Pokemon
  • One Piece
  • Attack on Titan
  • Demon Slayer
  • Death Note


So, what is manga? Mangas are basically comic books from Japan. However, there is a huge fanbase of mangas from all over the world. The difference between other comic books and mangas is the style of artwork. Mangas was developed in the 19th century.

In simple words, mangas are graphic novels and comic books. Mangas are for both adults and children. These days most of the mangas are converted into animes, so people can enjoy the stories who can not afford mangas.

Anime: Pros And Cons

Watching anime is an excellent way to experience a lot of new stories. Here are some pros and cons of watching anime. You can experience anime on different platforms. animesuge safe, you can enjoy the animes here. Now coming to the pros and cons.


Here are the pros of watching anime.

  • If you are new to anime, then this thing point is for you. Animes are great when it comes to teaching you moral values. Anime teaches us about love, friendship, family, and other moral values.

For example, you can watch Naruto, the story tells us about a boy his fellow villagers have hated for a long time. But, no matter what, he will do so many things for those villagers, not only this, there was no one in his family too.

Still, he fought against all odds and achieved a lot of things. So, people can inspire by his life. Also, animes are great entertainment and fun to watch.

  • The second pro is watching anime, you will get to know so many new things. When you are watching an anime with an English subtitle, that will help you to understand and read the language faster and quicker.

Not only this, you will get to know so many new things by watching anime. You can know Japanese culture and how they live it. There is a story of a man who wishes to find similar places that he has watched in anime too.

There is an interesting story that I can share. A few of my friends can talk a little Japanese after watching anime for many years.

  • One of the best things about anime is that it helps us to think quickly and understand situations well. We can think positively after watching so many animes, and it also helps us not to give up on different situations.

Some animes have given us a lot of stories that are not only interesting but also so much knowledge. We can think of a new way to get out of any situation.

  • Anime is great entertainment to watch, not only are the stories beautiful, but also they are inspiring. Sometimes we don’t want to watch feature films and watch a different type of entertainment. So you can experience animes.

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Here are some cons of watching anime.

  • After realizing Animesuge and other platforms, watching anime is so easy. So you don’t need to wait for a long time for new animes. But so much inappropriate content is not suitable for kids and teenagers.

There are nudity, gore, profanity, and revealing outfits that are not appropriate for children. But there is no way of stopping them from watching those. These days, it is easy to access so many adult animes.

  • There is a reason why most people do not watch anime on a regular basis. The reason is that not every anime is in English, so people need to watch them with subtitles. And not every people like the way of watching anime.

Also, sometimes it is hard to watch an anime with subtitles. This is hard to follow every scene and read the subtitles at the same time. And people do not like that every time. Animes are for entertainment, and no one wants to work hard during their entertainment time.

  • One of the most problematic things about watching anime is that it is highly addictive to some people. There are people who can not control themselves from watching anime all the time. Once they start watching a new series, they can not stop until it ends.

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So, if you are planning to start an anime, you need to control yourself from addiction. So that you can do your other important work. Most importantly, animes are not your primary focus, it is just for entertainment.

To Conclude

Although there are pros and cons, but watching animes are great. Even there are times when I used to watch a lot of animes. And I can still remember those hard times when animes helped me to move on. And I have learned a lot from different animes.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. But, till then, have fun and watch animes on Animesuge.

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